Tuff-n-uff Strawweight Tourney Preview: Jamie Moyle

In the coming days, we will be previewing the upcoming Tuff-n-uff strawweight tournament. The winner will get a contract to InvictaFC.

The semi-finals will be April 11 in Vegas and can be seen online at GoFightLive.tv for $10. 

Jamie Moyle (3-2) had come back from a two year absence from the cage to get a decision win over Stephanie Alba this past January at Tuff-n-uff. Training out of Syndicate MMA in Vegas, the hometown fighter is hoping to gain a win over Texas’s Jianna Denizard.

Wombat Sports: How did you get started in MMA?

Jamie Moyle: I got started in MMA because I thought boxing was really interesting and my father suggested that I do kickboxing. Since I lived in Las Vegas, a lot of the gyms with kickboxing also had jiu-jitsu, so I ended up doing everything. I kept at it and really dedicated myself when I realized how much I loved mma and how good I was at it.

Wombat: You are currently training at Syndicate with Roxanne Modafferi. What does it meant to you to have a seasoned pro helping you train for this tournament?

Moyle: Having Roxanne Modafferi as a training partner is awesome. She has been around the sport for a long time and really pushes me at the gym. She is also a positive person and good friend.

Courtesy Ray Kasprowicz
Courtesy Ray Kasprowicz

W.S.: You had come off a year and a half absence to win your last fight against Stephanie Alba. How did it feel to be back in the cage?

J.M.: It felt amazing to win my last fight. I had two Muay Thai fights prior to making my comeback to the cage, so it wasn’t my first fight after taking a break. I felt sharp and focused, and I was able to perform at my best.

W.S.: You are back to fighting at 115 for this match. How is the cut going and how are you preparing your body for the tournament?

J.M.: To prepare for this tournament, I have been doing two-a-days at the gym most days and also eating healthy. I feel strong and I know my body is where it needs to be to make an easy cut to 115.

W.S.: You seem to be the underdog going into the tournament, but will have the hometown advantage and are the only one to have fought in Tuff-n-uff before. What are your thoughts going in?

J.M.: I feel very confident going into this tournament. I am prepared for anything and truly feel like I am ready to be fighting at a pro level. This is the perfect time in my life/career to take all the opportunities that the tuff-n-uff tournament will provide, and I’m coming for that contract with everything I got.

W.S.: What would it meant to you to win this tournament and fight for Invicta?

J.M.: When I saw what Invicta and Shannon were doing for women’s mma, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Winning this tournament means so much to me because I know that Invicta is where I belong as a fighter.

W.S.: Anything you want to add/thank?

J.M.: Thanks to everyone who supports me on my journey everyday.

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