Julianna Pena Talks Rehab; Return to the Cage

pena static tuf 01It was been a few months since Julianna Pena injured her knee during training for her next UFC fight. Although there have been stories back and forth about what happened, the “Venezuelan Vixen” seems to have taken the injury in stride and is working her way back to get to her next octagon appearance.

We caught up with Pena after cornering one of her teammates at Intense Cage Fighting’s event this past weekend.

Wombat Sports: How is the knee and rehab going?

Julianna Pena: Rehab is going great. I am doing it three times a week and it’s getting better every day.

Wombat: Are you still living with your parents while you are recovering?

Pena: I am not.

W.S.: Can you tell us a little about the accident and are you still training with the same team?

J.P.: You take a risk every time you train, and I got into a terrible wrestling accident. It happens. I am still with the same team and not going anywhere.

W.S.: What’s the timeline on the knee?

J.P.: A definite year.

W.S.: You are probably a bit anxious about getting back into the octagon…

J.P.: I am definitely being realistic about the situation and I don’t want to put the cart before the horse.

W.S.: Miesha Tate is currently at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas. Any plans on going down to train with her before your next UFC fight?

J.P.: I have been offered to go down there and train and I am definitely going to take the advantage of that when the time comes. Right now my main focus is getting my knee and myself 100% health and we’ll talk training camps when that time comes.

W.S.: You have a great training partner in Elizabeth Phillips who is coming off a win. Tell us a little about her.

J.P.: Elizabeth is doing great. She is an animal and everyone needs to look out for her because she is going to hit the scene big in 2014.

W.S.: How has it been since the TUF house? Have you been recognized more?

J.P.: I have been offered to do shows and all sorts of events. Everything has been great since “The Ultimate Fighter” and was blessed to be a part of the show on a high caliber stage.

W.S.: Does UFC president Dana White stay in contact with you at all?

J.P.: I talk to him every so often. I am going to Vegas to have dinner with him in May when I go to see UFC 173.

W.S.: They just announced Ronda Rousey versus Alexis Davis. Any predictions?

J.P.: Who cares? Whoever has the belt I want it.


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