Initial Class of the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame Announced

In order to promote women’s boxing and honor its pioneers, the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame has been established.

Starting this year, the IWBHF’s mission is to give the highest honor to female boxers (retired), and men and women who work outside the ring that have significantly attributed to the promotion and development of the sport. In addition one of our long range goals are to have the IWBHF be at a permanent site in the future.

The nomination committee is headed by Sue Fox of, the best site for female boxing on the web.

Seven female boxers will have the honor of being in the first class.


Christy Martin – Pioneer in the women’s boxing realm, the former World Champion was the first to headline a pay per view boxing event and broke the glass ceiling, co-main evening an HBO boxing event. Her battle with Mia St. John was the largest female boxing match to be watched live. She also the first female boxer to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Lucia Rijker – Retiring undefeated, the Dutchwoman is two sport world champion (boxing and kickboxing) and has finished all but 3 opponents. Her striking prowess has gave her a reputation in temrs of training other female fighters not only in boxing but MMA. Rijker helped train UFC champ Ronda Rousey in her striking. Rijker also was feature in many films, including 2004’s “Million Dollar Baby”.

Jo-Ann Verhaegen – One of the two women to be the first to box on national television in 1954, Verhaegen won an eight round decision over Barbara Buttrick, being the first to defeat her.

Barbara Buttrick – The other fighter that made history in 1954, she went 30-1-1 as a boxer with her only loss to Verhaegen. She would retire in 1960, but would fight a few times in 1977 before finally calling it a career.

Dr. Christy Halbert – The former pugilist is best known for being one of the top advocates for women’s boxing. Halbert lead the charge to get women’s boxing into the Olympics and saw her campaign a success in 2012 as Team USA’s head coach. Dr. Halbert also runs the Boxing Resource Center which is a non-profit organization helping boxers gain the training they need, and research in all aspects of the sport.

Regina Halmich – The German fighter was one of the first to help grow boxing in Europe. A three division champion, Halmich went 54-1-1 in her career 13 year career. She retired as the WIBF flyweight champion in 2007.

Bonnie Canino – With a 16 year career in striking sport spanning the 80’s and 90’s, the former featherweight boxing and kickboxing world champion went 15-4 in the boxing arena.

The ceremony will be held July 10th in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Mor information can be found at

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