TUF 20 Tryout Report – 36 Set their Sights on UFC Gold

the-ultimate-fighter-tufIt has been a crazy morning in Vegas as 36 fighters from five different countries and many parts of the U.S. looking to be a part of the most historic tournament in women’s mixed martial arts history.

There were many familiar names and all the fighters on our confirmed list showed up with a few surprises.

  • Audrey Alvarez
  • Maria Andaverde
  • Nina Ansaroff
  • Chelsea Bailey
  • Kathina Catron
  • Angelica Chavez
  • Holly Cline
  • Heather Jo Clark
  • Aisling Daly
  • Sharice Davids
  • Lisa Ellis
  • Claire Fryer
  • Charlene Gellner
  • Paulina Granados
  • Helen Harper
  • Angela Hill
  • Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger
  • Justine Kish
  • Jennifer Liou
  • Kristi Lopez
  • Jillian Lybarger
  • Angela Magana
  • Randa Markos
  • Amy Montenegro
  • Melissa Myers
  • Michelle Ould
  • Jessica Penne
  • Tyra Parker
  • Mandy Polk
  • Diana Rael
  • Laura Salazar
  • Sarah Schneider-Chance
  • Tessa Rose Simpson
  • Danielle Taylor
  • Karina Taylor
  • Ashley Yoder

We also caught a glimpse of Bec Rawlings and Alex Chambers, who are in town to do paperwork ,promotional shoots, and medicals  The rest of the official cast should be in (if they already aren’t) tonight.

What we are hearing is there will be 8 spots plus two alternates to be selected, most likely tonight so they too can do paperwork, a promotional shoot, and medicals. After the 10 are selected, they will go through a background check and then if all is clear, the 8 will enter the house with the rest of the cast come late June.

There was no word on when the UFC would be making the rest of the cast official. They told fighters and the press not to disclose anything during this week (in other words, no social media saying “I made it”.). So fans, don’t ask because they (and us) can’t tell you.

We got interviews with most of the hopefuls, which will be streaming shortly in the next few days. Additionally, we have interviews with Miesha Tate, Amanda Nunes, and Kyra Batara.

Will have more updates as they become available.

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