Cassie Crisano versus Beatriz Zambonini Mired in Controversy

crissano zambiniYou may have noticed some changes in the results of the fight between Cassie Crisano and Beatriz Zambonini the past day. The fight itself has driven some controversy and from we can gather, it was declared a disqualification by the referee after the fight, with Zambonini winning, but Crisano is stating it was changed to no contest after the promotion saw the video Monday. has made a full report (and has video) of what happened, but for those who don’t understand Portuguese, here is what we can tell you.

Crisano hit a short slam while Zambonini was in guard and the match was stopped. The referee Marcos Hashimoto declared Zambonini the winner by disqualification due to three infractions – a late hit at the end of the second round by Crisano; a knee to the head of a grounded opponent in the third; and the small slam which causes Zambonini’s head to hit against the canvas at the end of the fight.

From what we saw, all three were questionable in the video. Crisano seemed to get up as the ref asked immediately at the end of round 2; the knees we saw were incidental due to movement; and the slam at the end could easily be compared to a similar one Sarah Kaufman did to Roxanne Modafferi several years ago, but on a smaller scale.

Crisano asked the organization to review the fight, and it was changed to a no contest according to her, but DaMadeferroMMA has yet to confirm from the promoters on the actual outcome.

We will keep you posted. For now you can watch the fight from multiple angles here and make your own conclusions.

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