Nordic Coliseum Boxing to Pick up All-Female Fighting Mantle


With the success of InvictaFC in gaining women a platform and exposure in MMA, there has been a demand for an all-female boxing promotion to emerge. Nordic Coliseum Boxing has answered that call.

The promotion has announced their first all-female card August 15 in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. The event will stream live on

Many familiar faces from the boxing and MMA realm are set to fight on the historic card. Among the top boxers are top super bantamweights Kaliesha West (current IFBA champion; 16-1) and Dayana Cordero (current IBO champion; 13-4-1). No word on if either boxer’s title will be on the line.

Among the MMA stars include InvictaFC vets Charmaine Tweet and Kaiyana Rain, who both have kickboxing experience going in. Both will fight in separate bouts.

The current list of matches hinges on the Quebec Commissions approval, so the card may change.  (All divisions are boxing weight classes)

Main Event  

  • Kaliesha West vs Dayana Cordero – Super Bantamweight 8 rounds


  • Lita Mae Button vs Maureen Riordon – Super Lightweight  6 rounds


Main card

  • Brenda Gonzales vs Lucia Osegueda – Lightweight 6 rounds
  • Annie Mazerolle vs Charmaine Tweet – Super Welterweight 6 rounds
  • Jacqueline Park vs Kaiyana Rain – Flyweight 4 rounds
  • Monique Duval vs Maricela Cornejo – Super Welterweight 4 rounds
  • Sherine Thomas vs Vanessa Bradford – Super Featherweight 6 rounds
  • Ashley Nichols vs Amanda Lovato – Flyweight 4 rounds
  • Eloise Picard vs Judy Pereira – super bantamweight 4 rounds

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