World Amateur MMA Championships to be Held in Vegas in June

slider2-1With the expansion of MMA as a sport across multiple countries, an effort to make it an Olympic sport is taking place with the International MMA Federation at the helm. The first steps will take place June 26-July 5 as the IMMAF will hold their first Amateur World Championships in Las Vegas.

Over two dozen countries will be represented as each will field a team of fighters. There will be four weight classes for the female competitors (115, 125, 135, 145).

The fights (will possible the exception of the finals) will be 2 three minute rounds with a third of the fight is scored a draw. There will be no hear gear for the tournament, but competitors will wear shinguard among the usual MMA gear. The competitors will otherwise be under amateur Unified Rules throughout.

The IMMAF tells us there is a lack in participation in terms of the female divisions and want those women who are interested in fighting in what will be an historic tournament to make sure they contact their country’s team to participate. The winners will gain some international exposure and even by just showing up could find more fights in the future. For more information you can go to

The event will take place at the Cox Pavilion on the UNLV campus for the opening rounds of the competition before shifting to the UFC Expo for the finals. At the Cox Pavillion there will be multiple cages going on at once, which is exciting in its own right.

We should have more information in the coming weeks in terms of streaming info and participants. We should also mention the IMMAF is seeking volunteers to help with the event and you can find out how here.



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