InvictaFC Announces Deal with UFC Fight Pass

invicta fight passInvictaFC will stay as an online broadcast as it struck a deal with UFC FightPass. The promotion announced the deal Thursday night.

The multi-year deal includes not only the live events but also the InvictaFC library of their past seven cards.

There was heavy rumors the past few months that Invicta would land on the UFC platform, and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t mean Zuffa is “buying the company”. Invicta, however, was in a unique position that they aren’t directly competing with the UFC. We may see other promotions that have great relationships with Zuffa follow suit.

The release stated a late summer event is in the works with no date mentioned. The event will most likely be headlined by featherweight champion Cyborg Justino taking on #1 contender Ediane Gomes.



4 thoughts on “InvictaFC Announces Deal with UFC Fight Pass”

  1. That’s a bummer. I guess I won’t be watching any Invicta events going forward, as I have zero interest in the UFC Fight Pass.

  2. You said you talked to Shannon a bunch of times and thought it was network TV based on what you heard. You also said there would be big problems with Invicta on Fight Pass. Obviously Shannon thought different. What made you read the situation so wrong?

    1. I believe her telling me “network” threw me off. Also the fact Shannon stated she wanted to control the product and I didn’t see the UFC giving Invicta on that. Plus no clue how much the fighters are getting seeing the Zuffa is paying them indirectly.

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