Muay Thai Thursday – June 26

Sorry we have been away for the past few weeks. A lot to catch up on.


Betrian vs. Brereton Courtesy Jeff Dojillo
Betrian vs. Brereton Courtesy Jeff Dojillo

In the Temecula, CA in the US on June 7th, a pair of world title match plus a 57 kg tournament happened on the WCK Muay Thai card.

The Netherland’s Jemyma Betrian retained her WBC Bantamweight world title with a second round TKO over England’s Christi Brereton due to a body shot.

In the tournament, Wang Kehan (China) def. Lindsay Ball (Canada) by TKO in the only semi-final bout. Ciara Irvine (USA) received a bye. Kehan defeated Irvine by unanimous decision in the finals.

In a match for the WLF Women’s Extreme Wushu Featherweight title, Lindsey Marino (USA) defeated JiongXing (China) by unanimous decision.

In other results:

  • In a pair of bouts in Japan, Little Tiger def. Hongkhao by points and Meri def. Tomoko Weerasakreck
  • In a match fof the 57kg South Pacific Title in Australia Theresa Carter def. Kate Heuston to win the title.
  • Jorgelina Bascur def. Patricia Silva to win the 60kg K1 world title in Chile
  • In Chiang Mai, Thailand, Lena Tan def. Marilyn by points
  • In a match for the WMC world light flyweight title,  Rika Thongkraisaen def. Seetar Por.Petchnumthong by TKO round 2 due to injury (Petchnumthong dislocates her shoulder).
  • In a K1 rules bout,  Arianna Santos def. Paige Farrington by TKO round 2 in England.
  • Fatima Pinto (Norway) def. Sofia Olofsson (Sweden) in a bout for the 34 kg WMC Scandinavian title.
  • In Malta, Sarah Chaz (Eng) def. Ruth Tanti in a 52kg kickboxing rules match


This weekend in Des Moines, IA, some of the most talented amateur Muay Thai practitioners in the US will take part in the annual Muay Thai Classic.

Over 60 ladies are signed up for the the three class tournaments in multiple weight classes. The event is a proving ground for not only Muay Thai fighters but future MMA stars as well.

We will have results next week.

rosy hayward 02If you missed out, we had Award Winning Media reporter Rosy Hayward, you can listen to it here. We talked about the future of women’s Muay Thai, how the sport has evolved around the world, and a little about the lady herself.

A reminder – we are still looking for girls under 18 to be profiles on out Future Stars column. Let us know if there is a girl fighter you like us to feature.

Weekend Action

  • In Gloucester, England, a new Ultimate Impact flyweight K-1 champion will be crowned as Laura Handy battles Cheryl Flynn. Also on the card, Camille Sch will face Sophie Tidey.
  • Stephanie Aubertin (France) faces Ruth Tanti (Malta)
  • In Italy in a 52 kg K1 bout, Silvia la Notte (Ita) fights Jleana Valentino(It)
  • Seda Duygu Aygün (Turkey) dukes it out with Evi Karage (Greece)
  • Lena Ovchynnikova (Ukr) battles Sylwia Juskiewicz (Poland) in a K-1 rules bout at Fen MMA in Poland.
  • Lion Fight vet Caley Reece will face Dilara Yildiz in Australia.
  • In a trio of fights at Enfusion in England, Grace Spicer (UK) fights Ferial Ameeroedian (South Africa), Sheena ‘Masheena’ Widdershoven (Nl) battles Lauren Huxley (Wales), and  Annabelle Gely (France/Eng) faces Elewina Sobczak (Poland)


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