2014 Half Year Report – Pro WMMA Stats by the Numbers

Letourneau vs. Phillips Courtesy UFC
Letourneau vs. Phillips Courtesy UFC

We are over half way done with 2014 and we are looking at yet another spurt in growth of the women’s pro divisions of MMA.

We are one pace to to reach the 600 mark as the last half of the year tends to be the busiest, and the expectation of Invicta coming back in the fold.

As much as thing change, some trends continue from our year end stats report for 2013.

Here are some of the stats we found interesting. We stopped the calculations at June 30, so none of this past weekend’s action are included in the half year totals. If you want to know a stat that we haven’t listed make sure to ask us on twitter – @wmmanews or simply comment below.

245: Number of pro MMA fights up to June 30. Last year it was 178 fights, which included 2 InvictaFC cards. So far an 18% increase in fights.

153: Total amount of finishes this year either. This beats decisions, which came in at 90. That is a 62% finish ratio. There was also 2 disqualifications so far this year.

91: Number of first round stoppages. By far the most popular round to win a fight, beating out the second (36), and the third (19).

73: Amount of fights at flyweight, which saw the most action in the first half of 2014. In second was strawweights (65) and bantmaweights (62) came in third.

34: Armbar submissions so far this year. It edges rear naked chokes by 2.  Unusual submissions this year include a heel hook (Milana Dudieva) and a neck crank (Mariana Leonardo).

31: Total countries this year so far to have a pro fight. The country with the most pro fights was the US (82) followed by Brazil (66).

19: Most fights by a promotion so far. That distinction goes to DEEP-JEWELS who have held three cards so far this year. MMA Super Heroes is second with 8, XFC with 7, and UFC, Cage Warriors, and Princesses of Pain tied with 6.

1: Number of UFC fights with finishes. Champion Ronda Rousey surprised the world with a TKO win over Sara McMann in February. Every one of the other five UFC fights in the last 6 months went to decision.


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