2014 Half Year Report – Pro Women’s Boxing Stats by the Numbers

Csilla Nemedi Courtesy Monokli.com
Csilla Nemedi Courtesy Monokli.com

Women’s boxing on a worldwide basis seems to be turning a corner.

It has always outpaced their sisters in the WMMA community, but that gap seems to be shrinking. As for the availability in the US, that is getting stronger if any of the early numbers this year is any indication.

Women’s boxing is on the verge of breaking a glass ceiling again and being draws in a sport desperately needing innovation and a millennial rethinking of how boxing is run.

Here are some of the stats the first half of the year, which ended on June 30.

296: The amount of female boxing bouts worldwide so far this year. This is 51 fights more than their sisters in the pro WMMA world.

135: Unanimous decisions, the most popular way to win a fight so far this year. It accounts for 45% of all results from fights.TKO came in second with 67. Point decision were 23 and pure knockouts were 20.

92: Amount of title fights the first half of the year. This doesn’t include country or regional titles. Fourteen different sanctioning bodies held fights for their belts. The WBC had the most with 21. The WBA came in at 12, WIBA at 11, and WBO at 10. They account for 31% of the total fights.

59: The number of fights in Argentina in the first half of 2014. This is the most by any country. Mexico came in second with 55, and the USA gained some headway with 34 fights taking third.

33: Number of champions that retained their titles (not including regional ones). Only 5 fighters were able to beat a champion. 46 vacant title fights happened, with 8 interim champions crowned.

27: First round wins by either TKO or KO. Most popular round to finish the fight. The stats just go down with the rounds with the second at 15 and the third at 14.

6: Most pro fights by a single fighter this year so far. The distinction goes to Csilla Nemedi of Hungary.


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