InvictaFC 8 Fighters in Contest for SportFoods Bonus

sportsfood-new-product-WEBOver the past two months, we have been hearing about SportFoods from many fighters who have touted the praises of their electrolyte strips. One strip give you a temporary boost of energy during workouts without carrying a bulk bottle of liquid that contains things you really don’t need.

The company has decided to sponsor several of the InvictaFC 8 fighters and have put together a contest where the winner will receive a bonus.

Here is the way you can help your favorite fighter plus try what many athletes are raving about. Below is a list of the fighters and codes you can use to get 10% off the stripes (regularly $4.75 discounted to $4.28 per cassette). Go to and buy a cassette or two. The fighter will the most cassettes sold wins the bonus.

  • Stephanie Eggink – Snowflake
  • Ediane Gomes – India
  • Roxanne Modafferi – Roxy
  • Peggy Morgan – Peggy
  • Michelle Ould – Ould
  • Charmaine Tweet – Tweet
  • Michelle Waterson – Waterson



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