InvictaFC’s Ashley Cummins on the Front Lines at Ferguson Riots


Several years ago, Ashley Cummins decided she wanted to serve her community as a police officer for the St. Louis Police department. She couldn’t have imagined the scene she would be involved in in Ferguson, MO.

Among the violent protests, Cummins has been shot at, and is dodging bricks, glass bottles, and rocks being thrown at her on a daily basis. This as she is in the middle of a training camp for her upcoming fight with Alexa Grasso.

Cummins described her day to day to one of her sponsors Dr. Howard Fiddler. She told him that she deleted her social media accounts as the group “Anonymous” was hacking into the St. Louis Police Department and threatening to release white police officer’s home address so people can go after them and their families. There is no days off on the job for now, and she is always on call. She is getting fight training in as she can, and doesn’t seem at all interested in cancelling her fight with all the events going on. Something anyone would understand if she did.

As a person, there has been nothing but positive things to say about Cummins. Rescuing animals in her spare time, the 3-2 fighter shows sportswomanship whenever she enters the cage.

We all hope these protests find a resolution soon. Cummins isn’t making any excuses going into the InvictaFC cage September 6, but the sooner the riots end, the sooner she can get back to concentrating 100% on her upcoming fight.


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