Weigh-in Results: Baszler and Correia Ready to Throw Down in Sac-Town

Courtesy UFC
Courtesy UFC

In what was a chaotic day, Shayna Baszler and Bethe Corriea seem to have the opportunity to be the saviors of the UFC 177 card.

The two bantamweights hit the scales Friday in Sacramento for their Saturday showdown. Both Baszler (135) and Corriea (135.5) made weight. Corriea got into Baszler’s face and and they were quickly separated. Corriea thrown an “I am watching you” sign to Baszler as she left the stage.

The fierce rivalry between the two had grown since Corriea defeated Baszler’s teammate Jessamyn Duke several months ago. Corriea is looking to take out a second Horsewoman to provoke a title shot out of Ronda Rousey.

Baszler is looking to get back on the winning track and give the Four Horsewomen a much needed boost. Baszler has trained for the fight with her long time coach, UFC heavyweight Josh Barnett. Going back to her roots which could play a factor for refocusing mentally and physically.

The undefeated Corriea is favored coming into the match.

The bout will be on the main card of UFC 177, which will be live on pay-per-view Saturday night.

You can watch the weigh-in video here.

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