InvictaFC 8 Preview – Roxanne Modafferi vs. Tara LaRosa

For the 2 days we will previewing InvictaFC 8 which will emanate from Kansas City Municipal Auditorium September 6, and will stream on UFC Fight Pass.

Check out Wombat Sports as we will give you continuing coverage live on location.

larosa modafferi banner

The third match between two legends may steal the show as Roxanne Modafferi takes on Tara LaRosa in the third match of their epic trilogy.

The Fighters:

Roxanne Modafferi (15-11): Since she defeated LaRosa in their second outing, Modafferi has been on a six fight losing streak. Her last match, however, showed some promise as her striking has improved due to her move to the US and training at Syndicate in Vegas.

Tara LaRosa (21-4): LaRosa has a 15 fight win streak over five years before her loss to Modafferi. LaRosa would win three more before losing back to decisions in her past two bouts. She has only been finished once, and that was 11 years ago.

The Storyline:

LaRosa took the first fight by unanimous decision in 2006. Modafferi would even the score in 2010 with a split decision win, and the fight won Fight of the Year at the WMMA Press Awards. Another four years past for a rubber match, and it gained a lot of buzz in the WMMA community.

Both are coming in as life long friends, but when the cage door locks, it is all about finding out who is the better fighter.

What to expect:

This should go the distance again, but seeing both fighters at different training camps, they may have changed the way both will approach it.

LaRosa will come in the favorite due to Modafferi’s losing streak, but should be a dead even battle.


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