TUF 20 Episode 2 – Joanne Calderwood Advances into Quarters

The second episode saw some tension, hilarity, sweetness, and of course action.

Team Pettis enjoyed a non-alcoholic and healthy shot to celebrate Randa Markos’s win last week; and Coach Pettis brought some Cajun fries to Markos as victory gift.

Two people in the forefront (besides the competitors fighting on the episode) is Felice Herrig and Heather Clark. Clark spent the episode begging for a blender for the house and getting on her teammate’s nerves. After a rolling session, Clark sustained a cut to the side of the head. This will obviously postpone her match with Herrig to the last opening round match.

Herrig has emerged as Team’s Pettis’s team leader, offering a racy suggestion of one team member putting their panties on the “Team Pettis” sign every week. Joanne Calderwood was the first to do so. Herrig was also the voice of the team when they were complaining the coaching staff was giving too much information at once during training sessions.

We got to know the episode fight participants a bit more. Calderwood talked about her family in Scotland and how she took up Muay Thai in her teen years. She credits her mom for taking care of her and being supportive. She also appreciates getting paid to spar.

Emily Kagan also talked about her family, who lives Israel and being so far away from them. (Side note: with Kagan admitting being a citizen of Israel, this puts the country count of the show to 7.)  Training at Team Jackson’s, she has world class training partners; many signed to the UFC. She also does a lot of shoulder stands at different locations. New form of planking perhaps?

Fight is up and yet again no weigh-in. They have started to post them on the Ultimate Fighter website so we can only assume no one missed weight this season. For the record both came in on weight.

The first round went as we pretty much expected with Calderwood’s striking being showcased, with leg kicks and knees. Kagan did have some good counter punching but Calderwood took the round 10-9.

Round two saw more knees and a takedown by Calderwood. After working back to their feet, Calderwood tried for a kimura, and Kagan tried a slam takedown. Calderwood hung on and tried to secure a reverse triangle and continued to work in the kimura and the choke throughout the rest of the round.

Two of the three judges saw it for Calderwood (one had it a draw) and the #2 seed advances. (You can watch the highlights here.)

You can see the updated bracket here.

Next week, we will see a rematch from InvictaFC 1 as Jessica Penne takes on Lisa Ellis. Also Bec Rawlings gets some news that makes have to make a tough choice.

A reminder that you can watch episodes on FoxSports.com every week for free.

Quotes of the Night:

  • “No I mean light sparring” – Coach Pettis after Joanne Calderwood lands a hard leg kick
  • “Felice and Sergio sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g” – Team Pettis
  • “Sit back. Sit on her face!” – Coach Melendez’s advice to Emily Kagan for getting out of a reverse triangle

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