“Glena” Documentary Goes Inside Motherhood, Starting Late, and Tackling Struggles in WMMA

glena 01For 15 minutes, Glena Avila is a warrior in a cage and the person people cheer (or sometimes boo) for. Outside the arena, she is a warrior in a different way.

Showtime premiered “Glena” Thursday night which followed Avila for a year as she ended her amateur career and turned pro. We got to look into the struggles Avila has raising two kids as a single mom and the strains of the relationships as passion becomes obsession. It also gives you a look as they cover Avila’s rough beginnings as a teenager and starting to train MMA in her 30’s.

As much as this is about Avila as a fighter, it also tackles the every day single mom trying to get by with very little raising her kids and keeping a roof over their heads.

As a fighter, she faces opponents she doesn’t know much about, are overweight, and last minute matches.

This is a documentary everyone should see. It airs on Showtime for the next several weeks and is also on Showtime on Demand.

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