Muay Thai Thursday – October 9, 2014

Recent Results

In pro action:

  • At Kunlun Fights in China, Shevchenko Valentina defeated Ablavi Bassinah by decision (You can watch the fight here.)
  • In France in a K-1 bout, Amel Dehby def. Marisa Pires by points
  • Carleigh Crawford def. Sindy Maricic in Australia
  • In Thailand, Natasha Sky def. Moddang by points

In an amateur Muay Thai card in Colorado at  Just Bang 8 this past weekend:

  • Larrisa Herrera def. Amanda Komoczi by unaimous decision after an extention round (90)
  • Kaycee Stanton def. Emily Burns by split decsion (115)
  • Nicole Bushman and Megan Decker fight to a draw (160)
  • Jennica Gleed def. Kari Brunner by unanimous decision (115)


keilholtz vansoest posterTiffany VanSoest is looking to gain her first Enfusion world title as she takes on Denise Kielholtz November 23 in Holland. Kielholtz is the current 57 kg champion and has a 36-2 Muay Thai record. VanSoest (10-1-1) is coming off back to back wins.

Enfusion streams their cards on their website.

You can watch a preview here.

enfusion reality 2014 01Speaking of Enfusion, their all female reality show is underway as eight Muay Thai fighters from across the world battle to become tournament champion in Thailand.

Here are the first round matches, which were fought in September (results pending):

  • Iman Barlow (Eng) v Samantha van Doorn (Nl)
  • Sammy-Lee Brown (Aus) v Marina Zueva (Rus)
  • Ashley Nichols (Canada) v Lizzie Largilliere (Fr)
  • Anissa Meksen (Fr) v Johanna Rydberg (Swe)

The International Federation of Muay Thai Amateurs have joined with the United Nations in its campaign to end violence against women.

During the European Championships in Krakow, Poland this past week, member countries wore orange in solidarity of the campaign.

You can read more about it here.

Upcoming fights

  • At  Fight for Glory III in Switzerland October 11, Daniella Elteto takes on Magali Foroni for the
    63.5kg WKU Thai Boxing World title
  • Jazmine Gallate faces Steph Glew October 12th Octoberin Perth, Australia at Epic 12 ‘Jacked’
  • At Friday Night Fights in New York, NY, Kit Fung battles Regan Gowing October 17. The fight will stream for free on
  • October 18th in Germany, Kg Meryem Uslu fights Samantha Van Doorn
  •  In London, England October 19, Christi Brereton faces Soraya Bucherie

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