TUF 20 Episode 5 – Herrig wins Rematch; Torres Back in

herrig clark tufThis week was probably the most entertaining and drama driven episode of the season.

We open with Justine Kish still nursing knee injury, but hopeful she could still compete. After a MRI, the doctor told her she had a torn ACL and as such, she is out of the tournament. KIsh was obviously heartbroken.

While we await the announcement of the replacement, we go to the Team Melendez practice where Angela Magana complains to the coaches about Heather Clark lack of participation in practice. Clark, who has a nagging knee injury, blows it off and states she is willing to practice with her teammates in preparation for her upcoming match with Felice Herrig.

Meanwhile, Herrig is feeling a little pressure as she sees herself as the favorite and doesn’t want to disappoint fighters on both teams who have a beef with Clark.

Both teams show up to the gym and UFC President Dana White announces that Kish is out and the #3 seed Tecia Torres is back in; much to the dismay of Carla Esparza. To complicate things, Torres is now on Team Pettis, and is now Esparza’s teammate. Team Melendez complains about losing a top member of their team, but White reads the riot act.

Torres will face Bec Rawlings in Rawlings’s opening round fight.

Torres obviously feels unwelcome at Team Pettis practice, but Coach Pettis stated he would help smooth the transition.

We get to the fight and it was a solid first round of action. Clark was the aggressor in the striking department before Herrig tried for a takedown. Clark was able to try for a standing guillotine, but Herrig fought out of it and was able to get the trip takedown in half guard. Herrig worked her way in full guard for a triangle than an armbar but Clark fought out of it. Herrig would take side control and rain some punches as the round ended.

Round 2 saw Herrig use her wrestling to takedown and control Clark. Herrig would take the back of Clark and try for the rear naked choke, but Clark was able to shrug Herrig off and get into Herrig’s guard. The referee stood the two up after a stalemate and Herrig got another takedown and took mount, then the back as time expired.

Herrig took both rounds on the judges scorecards and was declared the winner. Herrig will face teammate Markos in the next round.

Clark decided to apologize and bury the hatchet with Herrig after the fight. In what was a post script on the TUF Talk aftershow, both traded verbal jabs and it looks like these two will be mortal enemies for years to come.

Next week, Team Melendez’s Angela Magana takes on Team Pettis’s Aisling Daly.

You can see the current TUF 20 bracket here.


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