Awakening Fighters Planning All Female Muay Thai Card Next Year; Kitchen to Return to Action

The-future-of-AwakeningBritish based Women’s Combat site Awakening Fighters has announced their intentions on hold an historic all-female Muay Thai card for Summer 2015 in England. The event will stream worldwide.

A kickstarter campaign will commence to help with start up costs. They are looking to raise at least $50,000, with contributors getting discounted tickets or free streams for the event.

The kickstarter campaign will launch November 3rd.

Julie Kitchen will return from retirement for one night only to fight Lindsay Haycraft on the card if a certain amount of funds are raised by December 2. The goal is 4,000 pre-sales of streams and tickets. Exact prices will be posted when the kickstarter launches.

“Thank you to Awakening and I wish them success with the kickstarter, I hope each fan will make a donation to help contribute to Awakenings first show ever, there is only a 30 day window to make this happen, and all support is needed,” Kitchen stated in the press release. “I hope there is enough support to make this event happen and set my destiny to step in the ring again. If you are unable to make the event you can pre order your stream viewing very soon to support the campaign.”

“It really is a novel approach to securing the funding to put on such an event,” Haycraft added. “The event will be fan funded with a kick-starter campaign from you the fans by pre-ordering the live stream.  Women’s fighting has always faced so many uphill struggles and now you, the fan, can make a real impact.  I can not even begin to put into words how excited I am to be a part of such an event!  Julie and I have very different styles and I am so excited to test myself against a legend.”

Fighters from seven different countries will be represented on the card. Female Muay Thai expert and Awakening Reporter of the Year Rosy Hayward will be on commentary, with multi-sport star Maureen Riordon as the ring announcer.

Awakening Fighters has helped promote women’s Muay Thai through awarding fighters with Awakening World titles and helped promoters match make and market female bouts for their cards.

We will have more information as the Kickstarter campaign starts on November 3rd.


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