TUF 20 Episode 6 – Daly Continues Team Pettis’s Run

10636085_10152766163711276_2069263769423677681_nTwo fighters overcoming psychological hurdles battled in the sixth fight of the tournament.

Before Aisling Daly and Angela Magana squared off, we got a look into both of their stories. Magana told us her mother was a drug addict and having to put a needle in her arm because of the bad state she was in. Magana would also talk about losing her fiance after a tragic accident when she broke her back, and nearly dying. After all of this, she has come to peace with her past.

Daly had suffered from anxiety attacks and depression and had to take most of 2013 off. She battles it every day, but has been able to get back to fighting. Daly has been having problems with the dry Vegas air in terms of her training, but assures UFC President Dana White she is okay. However, she asks to see her teammates fight at UFC Dublin, and White obliges. Patrick Holohan gives Daly a shout out on the card.

The only other plot line that was the talked about was the continued alienation of Tecia Torres by Team Pettis. Torres’s first opponent Randa Markos was the first to put out an olive branch.

The fight itself was one of the best fights so far this season. Magana used her grappling to control Daly in round one, with Magana having a several rear naked choke attempts. Magana was working on Daly’s back as Daly was standing up with referee Chris Tognoni separating the fights for no reason at all.

Round two saw Daly get the upperhand, gaining the striking advantage and ultimately a takedown. Daly took the back and Magan fough back to half guard, abnd started to stand up. Daly would get the takedown again and take Magana’s back for the neck crank attempt before the round ended. This would tie up the score and a third period was warrented.

Magana seemed gassed, and Daly fough through a head kick to take Magana’s back as Daly got another takedown. Magana;s arm was trapped on her own throat, Daly landed ground and pound and the referee stops the contest at  2:26 of round 3.

Daly will face Jessica Penne in the semi-finals.

Next week, we will see Team Malendez’s Rose Namajunas take on Team Pettis’s Alex Chambers in the 7th fight.



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