InvictaFC Primer with Pa’aluhi, Inoue, and Brown

Paaluhi Curtesy Scott Hirano/InvictaFC
Paaluhi Curtesy Scott Hirano/InvictaFC

With InvictaFC 9 tonight, we do have some representation there.

Our good friend, Asian WMMA expert, and writer of the CJ Report Charlie is our eyes and ears  in Davenport, Iowa. He was able to get some interviews with three of tonight’s participants.

Raquel Pa’aluhi talked about her current move to Vegas and her improved ground game.

“I went to a fight camp at X’Treme Couture and at Drysdale. I trained at the same time that Miesha was training for her fight, but my fight fell through so I was was kinda sitting there. Now that I  know what’s here, I thought I’d be hurting myself if I went back home. So I went home for 10 days, called my dad and mentioned that I wanted to stay in Vegas. My friends said they would help me out, my dad sold my car for me, while I was home I packed my stuff and sold what I didn’t.”

You can read the rest of Pa’aluhi’s interview here.

Mizunki Inoue was of few words, but did talk about her fight with Karolina Kowalkiewicz.

“Karolina is a very good striker that is also good on the ground. I think that the fight might turn into a ground battle, which is ok with me because I want to show what I can do on the ground.”

You can read the rest of Inoue’s interview here.

It’ll be Amber Brown’s InivtcaFC debut as the top 5 atomweight looks to solidify her spot at atomweight.Charlie asked about how she improved since beating a top 5 fight in her last outing and what to expect tonight.

“I’m going to be aggressive, forward pressure in her face, she should expect the knees, maybe go to the body more, I wanted to do that against Kikuyo Ishikawa, but I really wanted to hit her in the head. I’m a lot better at everything now, everything has come a long way.”

You can read Brown’s full interview here.

Charlie will be at the post fight presser asking questions for Wombat Sports as well. You can catch the post fight presser stream on our site after the event.


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