Six Fights Announced for TUF 20 Finale

FOX Sports 1 TUF 20 cast/ Sydney Leroux/ Megan RapinoeAn unexpected treat Wednesday night as Fox Sports Live announce six of the fights that will happen on the TUF 20 finale.

Besides the championship match to crown the first ever UFC strawweight champion, Korean MMA star and former DEEP-JEWELS champion Seo Hee Ham will make her debut. Justin Kish will be the only cast member not to fight due to injury. It is expected the two semi-finalist that lose on next week’s episode will square off with each other.

Here are the fights announced for December 12 in Las Vegas:

  • Joanne Calderwood vs. Seo Hee Ham
  • Tecia Torres vs. Angela Magana
  • Bec Rawlings vs. Heather Clark
  • Lisa Ellis vs. Felice Herrig
  • Emily Kagan vs. Angela Hill
  • Ais Daly vs. Alex Chambers

The some of the fights will air on Fox Sports 1, while others on UFC Fight Pass December 12.

4 thoughts on “Six Fights Announced for TUF 20 Finale”

  1. Great matches – best one so far Rose well deserved as thought her vs Jojo was on many IFC wish lists. Torres this 1 tough though you can see how she relies on her corner coaching n verbal ques to lead her through as didnt see the torres throw kicks n fists this season like vs Felice.
    Predictions – Jojo, Torres (if she gets her coaches back from fl), Bec, Felice, Ais. I will say Penne giddines in early interviews puts her in the finals and rose with carlos n randa for #3 spot. Post Tuf 20 UFC will have a loaded 115 line up after this and previous ufc participants wanting shots at the title.
    IFC10 – 1 has to feel for Shannon on having to drop 2 matches off card due to injury and medical issues.

  2. Great finals- should have read alert on Rose sign up of grappling champ in her camp. Carla, Felice, and Rose alliance worked though ROSE came out smelling better in their exchanges and times interacting with Robin post series sit downs as the tapes dont lye. Randaz gained a ton of cred on the mats for her Torres and has some work to do on boxing as haymakers n hooks leave her open vs Penne. Penne another of those needing her posse in her corner or Dana needs to offer 100 dollars each round as she tore up her peers at recruiting / screen test. Carla used her jab to get inside though paid getting her right eye puffed up and scored major points with take downs. Is UFC scoring based on takedowns n ground control? Scoring and what judges are looking for werent explained and was a factor in Murphy cross over from invicta fc to ufc match. Rose the Thug came out this season and yes you can screen snapshot this… 😉 After loss to Torres you reinvented yourself adding Kimura, taking whats given even a back fist to jojo face on the ground shows your awareness and thug instincts though not thug as in thug street wise sense. Going with A Rose on the final and Penne and Emily to round out card picks. Lets hope Carla isnt the tate of 115 class and Rose should be checking the ufc 115 map as Miami, Mexico, and Poland have some challengers waiting in da wingz. Shannon deserves a moment on the stage Dana as her brood made this Tuff 20 season one for the wmma empowerment defing and herstorical footnotes. Merry Xmas to one and all… Dont forget to vote for your best of wmma 2014 awardees… 🙂

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