WMMA Fighters Take on Broken Skull Ranch Season 2


WWE and movie star Steve Austin is ready to test another group of athletes in one of the toughest obstacle courses in the world.

The cast has been announced for season 2 of CMT’s “Broken Skull Challenge” and several familiar names have popped up for those following the women’s divisions closely.

One name that stands out is Erin Toughill, who was one of the top featherweights in the world several years ago. Also notable is amateur champion and flyweight prospect Amber Lynn Orr.

Here is a complete list of fighters and the dates their show will air:

  • Desiree Wilson (Jan, 11)
  • Erin Toughill (Jan. 25)
  • Ashley Samples (Feb. 15)
  • Jacqueline Abshire (Feb. 15)
  • Amber Lynn Orr (Mar. 1)
  • Jessica Brunick-Fitzgibbons (Muay Thai standout) (Mar. 1)
  • Christina Riddering (Mar. 15)
  • Megan Miller (Mar. 15)
  • Nikki Smith (Mar. 15)

This isn’t the first time we have seen fighters on the show. Season 1 saw Colleen Schneider compete.

All episodes can be seen on the CMT Network. If you want to see a preview go here.


4 thoughts on “WMMA Fighters Take on Broken Skull Ranch Season 2”

  1. Congrats to Desiree on her win. The format and age vs youth / experience was nights theme. 3 women in 40s vs 2 in 30s and Desiree bring down in 21.
    Grapplers have strong chance to win in mountain climb war and in pit. Tenacity as last night pit went for over 15 minutes. Course summary hill climb sprint / grapple in leg speed, uphill tire flip in upper n lower body leverage hint use tempo and final on sledge hammer drag / pit feature recovery and sumo skills.

    Prior feature on Redneck island pit featured kettle bell like rubber ball in center with goal to get to others side speed and focus wins thiugh some though brawn or brawl would ended with mud and disappointment.

    Becuz Stone cold sayz so n Dats the Bottom line… Or what steve williams / austin would say…

  2. Spoiler – congrats
    Jacqueline Abshire (Feb. 15) for win and sub 13 min run breaking previous course record by 3 minutes. 😉 Gained some older fans with the bearhug drag in trench. Hope some promotion picks u for a match after this as nice single leg take down and ground game. May the extra 10k for your course record start coming for awhile. 😉
    Encore follows initial show if you miss 1st showing.

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