2014 WMMA Press Awards Fan Favorite Vote has Started

gold-trophyAs 2014 ends, it’s awards season and the WMMA Press Awards nominees will be announced this week. One of the most cherished awards is the one we open to fans.

The WMMA Press Fan Favorite Award has found some varied and exciting results in the past years, with Roxanne Modafferi, Bec Hyatt, and Claudia Gadelha all awarded the honor. With so many choices you never know who will win the honor.

Voting has started and will end the night of January 4th. If you choice is not listed, please feel free to write-in your favorite fighter at the bottom.


9 thoughts on “2014 WMMA Press Awards Fan Favorite Vote has Started”

  1. Tonya has done much over many years to develop the sport, starting with a college wrestling career beginning in ~1990s, and has won MMA fights by technique, not brute battering force; she does TV-spectacular groundwork and technical one-two punch knockouts. She demonstrates using mind over larger muscle masses. She is photogenic, and humourous-funny too. She gained fame in MMA and folkstyle and Olympic freestyle wrestling by hard work, training at home, with few chances for pro trainers. She’s so well rounded, and grew up a rural small-farmer’s daughter. A good role model for young women. Inspiring. Unusual. Why would any promotion choose, instead, ?some 20-something who gained quick popularity yet has done less, accomplished less in any measurable aspect of a much shorter career?

  2. Jessy is not only a great performer and devoted athlete but she is a highly educated athlete with her Masters in Interactive Communications .please vote for her. 😍😍😍😍😍

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