Tussle Fight Gear Closes its Doors

Anaconda-inverted-_400x400This past Monday, Slade Bittler announced he had closed his brand, Tussle Fight Gear.

“Big changes for me in the future, so time and funding is of the essence,” Bittler posted on Facebook. “I put my heart and soul into Tussle. Met some amazing people along the way, had a blast supporting the athletes, and will walk away with some amazing friends. Thanks for being part of the journey, and I can’t wait to see where it ends up!”

The clothing line was one of the pioneers in supporting female fighters. It was able to span both male and female fighters, which is something unique in the MMA clothing space. Several dozen fighters, both amateur and pro, were sponsored by the company, many of whom are current or former world champions.

Tussle would go on to win three WMMA Press Awards for Sponsor of the Year, the most by any company.

Besides sponsorship, Bittler helped to find fighters matches, and at times became a de facto manager to some up and coming talent.

We wish Slade Bittler the best of luck in his new endeavors

One thought on “Tussle Fight Gear Closes its Doors”

  1. Looking for sponsors in my upcoming fight. Was looking into your gear and was wondering if you would be willing to sponsor me! I would show great love and support!

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