Open Letter: Where will Wombat Sports Head in 2015?

When I started to write for the women’s MMA divisions, there were very few covering the sport.

If you asked most MMA fans, very few were aware of names like Miesha Tate, Tara LaRosa, or Megumi Fujii. There was only one big name: Gina Carano.

To that point, major MMA websites weren’t covering it. I felt I was filling a need and found some successes in being a go to guy in the women’s divisions. Many of us in what is the first and second waves of WMMA media had helped promote the sport and gain support among promoters and fighters alike.

Fast forward to 2014. With an ever increasing women’s divisions and the expansion of the sport, we would have never thought we’d see a solid all female US promotion in Invicta or the UFC accepting female talent. That was the goal,

The goal was also to get these fighters the exposure they needed to succeed. With major sites covering a lot of female fights now, I think we have accomplished that mission.

Recently I have been feeling a bit redundant in the women’s MMA space.  The UFC and Invicta has plenty of coverage from sites with actual budgets and more than one person running them. I know I can’t be the first to break news and I don’t have any contacts in the UFC like the major sites. Sufficed to say I am usually finding out UFC news when you do on other sites.

I am not the only one feeling this way as other websites that started around or before I did have made comments similar to mine. I am not being paid much if at all for my work and putting my energy into it, although has been fulfilling mentally, recently been feeling like my heart is starting to wane from it. This was true this past weekend when I took a short vacation from the site.

After major thought, there will be some changes in terms of coverage. The first is that I don’t plan on going to Invicta as much, seeing I can still do coverage at home and save money. The one reason I go is simply to get interviews with fighters and that seems to be more and more difficult. If I do go on a trip, I am hoping to go for the benefit of newer talent and getting to know areas where WMMA is flourishing.

The focus on new talent has always been the goal and I will continue to concentrate on that. My podcast has always been about exposing listeners to who will make a name for themselves in the future.

I also see potential in covering other sports more that need the help to be as big as WMMA. My site is set for more than just MMA, and I need to bring back that end of the news.

Finally, the hope is to get more writers on board. I am at the point where I can’t do everything I want to accomplish and not have time for myself and other projects. I have one or two people that are wanting to contribute to the site, and hoping that will expand. My vision was to eventually have a reporter for different sport so I could get as much exposure as possible for them. If I had the money, that would be what the site would strive towards.

Womabat Sports is sticking around, but don’t be surprised if news coverage slows a little. I am trying to concentrate news to a few columns a week besides the major fight announcements. I also have other things in the works non-WMMA related and need time away to reignite my passion for the sport.

I thank you for your continued support.


6 thoughts on “Open Letter: Where will Wombat Sports Head in 2015?”

  1. Creating your own niche and others being your muse / fans are what this site is. As you stated before that your goal is supporting the women in the sport when there was none and getting there namez out when there was no rag and still isnt yet UFC has 2 articals per month now. This site remains premiere in its reporting, WMMA community membership and allowance of others comments.
    Enjoy your labors just dont let it drain your will, love, or pyschological well being. Your doing quite well already here as your reporting and x referencing before publication is second to none.

  2. That’s one of the reasons why I stopped writing for MMA websites. It’s like being a small fish in an overcrowded pond. Still there will always be a need to tell stories and a need for coverage. Also I never do this but if you need someone to contribute content I would be happy to contribute.

      1. Wrestling – see if u can get D Hobeika from Bahston area as guest columnist and Calie Cutler / Emily Corso to share – network with on past experiences.

        The WMMa fields natural progression summarized from starting for women goes from getting the martial arts bug early in kicking – striking arts to some mid school rarity grappling to collegiate n club or gym then NAGA to regional promotion cards then survival of fittest Tuff n uff – Invicta – UFC. Path similairities in making it to the pro sports bell curve. Some exceptions when fast twitch athletes ( track, gymnastics, basketball, soccer) convert in their early to late 20s to martial arts in post collegiate endeavors.

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