Watch McMann & Tate Hit The Scales at 4 p.m. pst/7 p.m. est

Miesha-Tate-Sara-McMann-UFC-183Two of the best wrestlers in the women’s bantamweight division will face off Saturday in the UFC.

Before Sara McMann and Miesha Tate step into the octigon, they will hit the scales in Las Vegas Friday.

The stream will start at 4 p.m. pacific/7 p.m. eastern time and you can watch it below.

One thought on “Watch McMann & Tate Hit The Scales at 4 p.m. pst/7 p.m. est”

  1. Surprised no one mentioning their wrestling match prior where Sara outmuscled Tate found on utube with Sara owning physciilogical advantage on da ground. Sara can eat at few punches showing no glass jawa and Tate will likely test her with knees to the kidneys for her muscle memory vs Rousey. At least they arent facing Corriea or Kaufmann. I expect that miesha/sara and Corriea:Kaufmann winners of matches will likely collide be4 facing Cat vs rousey match winner.

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