How Society Nine is Going to Revolutionize MMA and Boxing

society nine gloveIt’s a known fact sports gear evolves over time.

From running shoes to football helmets, companies have improved designs to make people perform better and safer. MMA and boxing haven’t taken major leaps yet, but one brand is out to change the fight game.

Society Nine’s vision is to make fighters better through better gear. This starts with their redesigned MMA and boxing gloves. After surveying many fighters and dissecting current products available, company founder Lynn Le has created gloves that are more comfortable and beneficial to the user. The MMA design also helps prevents eye pokes by curling the fingers inward.

You can listen to Lynn Le discuss her company and the gloves here.

The current design models haven’t changed much in the past two decades. Some brands even have the same design as they use the same manufacturers and slap their name on the gloves. Society Nine has a mission not only to improve gloves, but other gear as well, including rashguards, handwraps, and workout clothes.

The main focus is on women, but the gloves are proving to be something both sexes can use. InvictaFC, a trendsetter in its own right, has offered to test the gloves at one of their events in the future.

How do you get your hands on these new gloves? Society Nine has a Kickstarter going in which you can get the gloves or some of their great gear by contributing. They are close to their $50,000 goal, but needs your help to get them over the top. The only way you can get the gloves is if they reach the goal, so make sure to contribute.

Even if you aren’t interested in the gloves, every dollar counts. Be on the ground floor of what is a blue chip prospect in the  MMA gear market.

Go here to find out more and get some great gloves and gear.


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