The Campaign for Women to Gain Respect in Combat Sports Heats Up

Our newest column for WMMA Jam expands on what is being done to find equality for women in sports

As much as they are a part of a staged play, pro wrestlers are still athletes. They work just as hard as any female athlete, and like others, they are not getting the respect they deserve.

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2 thoughts on “The Campaign for Women to Gain Respect in Combat Sports Heats Up”

  1. Timely report!!! The future starts today be how we honor those that paved the way or we could follow what womens boxing started now with WBAN awards ceremonies.
    Stone Cold is a strong supporter in honoring the women scene from indies, majors, and speciality themes such as Glow.
    A fan of the scene or visitor of yesteryear legengs should check out the Cauliflower Alley Club (50th anniversary) reunion this coming April.
    The inference of todays vs old school is the treatment of the workers and dues paid on the road.
    I applaud the discussion as this should be a topic in all wonens sports not because of Title 9 but they contributions made in and outside their sport.

  2. For a herstorical view of the 1880-1950 scene check out Britishpathe archives on utube. Women wrestling, boxing, amazon herstory (yes common word and on google rankings though for south america Wonder woman is key term). The scene quieted down due to men returning from WW2 and went back down to indies and film based outets before then movies started back in 60s with gang theme to fights. 1970s brought pioneers like Sue Britain and Moolah to bring women back to forefront or at least in the ring. Women began along with various rags (reporting and sport or trade magazines). Women could only participate if they wore surgical enhanced one piece swimsuits. 80s brought Cindi lauper era with rock n roll themes and story lines not to mention night clubs mud oil or whatever substance to local venues and fairs. 80s to 90s brought apartment themes too. Late 90s brought over from EU collegiate along with Title 9 further opportunities for women interested outside of standing martial arts a degree scholarship outside of mat club competitions. 2000s WMMA scene with IFC and Deb Purcell promotion started todays early scene participants like Tara Rosa, lucia Rijicker, Cyborg or Shimmer / Glow / PoWW in semi pros. 2010 – Present We have Invicta, TUff, UFC, and regional events while pro women wrestling down to WWE and indies to include Shimmer and Special Events. There is your extented cliff note version but as bk could say we come along way in rose tinted glasses yet so far to go… As todays women further the cause one match or challenge at a time and Marq n Rob or awakening will cover it as well. 🙂

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