BKB Announces First Female Championship Bout


The innovators in the boxing realm is looking to make history once again.

Big Knockout Boxing announced its first ever female championship bout for their pay-per-view card April 4 in Las Vegas. Layla McCarter and Diana Prazak will duke it out for the inaugural lightweight (135) title.

Prazak (13-3) is the current WBC super featherweight champion. She was on an 11 fight win streak before losing to Holly Holm in 2012. She would win back to back before her last loss to Delfine Persoon in November.

McCarter (36-13-5) started her pro boxing career 17 years ago and has racked up six titles to her credit including her current WBA welterweight title. She is on a 12 fight win streak.

For those who are not familiar with BKB, they don’t use a ring at all. The fights take place in what they call “The Pit” which is a round open mat area about 17 feet in diameter. Rounds are two minutes in length. Otherwise the rules are pretty much the same as regular boxing.

This will also be the first time BKB will be using gloves with a chip to give fans real time stats on how hard the fighters are hitting and what kind of blows are landing.

The event will take place at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and will be live on pay-per-view April 4th.

One thought on “BKB Announces First Female Championship Bout”

  1. The chips if programmed right can monitor movements hence big data. NFl and NBA are using similiar devices for those interested checking that out. From a stats aspect will be interesting to see how speed and power rankings move along the charts.

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