WBF, WIBF & GBU Aim For Legitimacy In Womens Boxing

WBF, WIBF and GBU to “unify” women’s titles – is this good or bad for the sport?

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WBF, WIBF & GBU Aim For Legitimacy In Womens Boxing

While meaningless titles of any description seem to be flooding the professional boxing world, simply for the financial gain of sanctioning bodies, the World Boxing Federation (WBF) has decided to go the opposite route in an attempt to reduce the abundance of titles.

To this effect, three of the most important sanctioning organizations in women’s boxing have merged to discontinue their individual championships in favor of one Unified Womens World Title ®. Besides the World Boxing Federation (WBF), they are the Women’s International Boxing Federation (WIBF) and the Global Boxing Union (GBU).

Therefore, there will now be just one world champion in each weight division, recognized by the WBF, WIBF and GBU as the Unified Womens World Champion ®, but wearing the championship belts of all three organizations. No champion can defend only one (or two) of those…

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