IMMAF North American Qualifiers Announced

685_elAs we head to the IMMAF World Amateur Championship in Vegas in July, the country qualifier dates are being announced.

The IMMAF is an organization hoping to maintain amateur divisions worldwide and spread the sport to more countries. Over 40 nations are members of the IMMAF.

The World tournament will take place July 6-11 in Las Vegas, Nevada. USA. They have partnered with the UFC and the finals will stream live on UFC Fight Pass. The event is a great place to showcase your skills and get you in front of the movers ans shakers in the sport.

Several fighters have started GoFundMe campaigns including Nichole Brown to pay for their trip.

Four divisions are available for female athletes in the tournament: 115, 125, 135, and 145.

For those in North America, two tournaments are set for May.

More country qualifiers will be announced in the coming week. Go to to find your country’s IMMAF website if you are interested in competing.

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