Personal Note: “Four Months Until Fight Day” to Tackle Female Fighting in New Way

fight day poster 01 copyFor those wondering why news hasn’t been flowing on a regular basis, you are going to love the explanation.

I am looking to innovate the MMA fighter genre with my upcoming movie “Four Months Until Fight Day” which will start shooting this coming week.

It’s rare to find a fictional movie that truly portrays what it means to be a fighter. Most take one of two approaches: the underdog working to win a title or a fighter looking for revenge. My movie is taking a different route altogether and follows the journey of a woman named Alyson as she grows as a fighter and as a person.

I will also dive into topics not covered by a lot of these movies, including interdependence, the meaning of friendship, and what fighting is truly all about: self discipline and believing in yourself.

The story is a labor of love for my respect of female fighters and their stories of struggle and sacrifice. There are many ways a fighter gets into the sport and each journey is unique. The reasons why vary as well.

I have started an Indie Go-Go campaign for “Four Months Until Fight Day”, which features a teaser trailer and photos of the cast. I am also giving away some great perks with your contributions. You can also learn a little more on what the movie is all about.

I don’t have any “stars” per say, but homegrown talent. I am not in it to make much money. As you can see, my actress Kate Cummings is already training for the fight scenes (hopefully to be filmed in mid-June.) It has been fun watching her start from scratch like her character and gain some much needed skills.

To loyal readers: I hope you will ultimately enjoy the finished work, but bare with me for the next few months. News might not come out as often due to the project, but I will try to update the site when I can.

For now, I encourage you to go the the Indie Go-go site and check it out. I am looking for contributors and some gear/clothing sponsors.

Thank you for your patience and help in a project I have a true passion for.


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