Malaysian Invasion to Start Flyweight Tournament Friday

11224487_839785229389843_481785044330844273_nThe premier MMA promotion in Malaysia is ready to develop female fighters in the region.

Starting Friday, Malaysian Invasion will hold a flyweight tournament to crown its first female champion. Sixteen fighters have been announced for the tournament, with all making their debuts Friday.

The IMMAF helped qualify the pool from over 60 fighters.

The opening round matches are:

  • Nurul Khairunnisa vs. Phaik Kim Tan
  • Jing Man Chan vs. Joanna Yap
  • Pei Yee Wah vs. Valarian Rosario Lai
  • Darmawati Arsyad vs. Felicia Binti Yunus
  • Nut Sakinah Mazlan vs. Gladys Molling
  • Mardiana Maulana vs. Hayatun Najihin
  • Samantha Tan vs. Nor Halina
  • Amalia Syakirah vs. Ee Lyn Tan

It is also expected the promotion will bring in foreign fighters in to develop the division.

We will have complete results of the opening round this coming weekend.


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