IMMAF Possible Country Qualifiers Announced

11266672_665149733615456_9037316855934419327_nTwenty female fighters from 15 countries are tentatively set to compete in Vegas to become world champions.

The International MMA Federation World Amateur Championships will take place July 6July 11 at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas. Tuff-n-uff will be the host promotion for the event. The country qualifying tournaments have concluded and a list of potential fighters are currently being vetted.

Our news editor MarQ Piocos has been contributing to IMMAF’s expert panel that advises on applicants Pro/Am statuses, as part of the tournament qualification process. Competitor eligibility is also subject to review by UMMAF, the commission and promoter in the USA before the list can be finalized.

At present, Team USA has the most representatives with four, with Team Sweden having three. 

Here is the current list of female participants (subject to change):

Team Canada

  • Jamie Herrington

Team Finland

  • Minna Grusander

Team France

  • Lucie Bertaud

Team Germany

  • Julia Dorny

Team Ireland

  • Sinead Kavanagh

Team Italy

  • Micol Segni Di

Team Jordan

  • Lina Fayyad

Team Lebanon

  • Joanna Salameh

Team New Zealand

  • Sarah Archer

Team Poland

  • Magdalena Zuchowska

Team Romania

  • Raluca Dinescu

Team South Africa

  • Natalie Ausmeier

Team Sweden

  • Anja Saxmark
  • Lisa Engelke
  • Gabriella Ringblom

United Kingdom

  • Amy Omara

Team USA

  • Codie Wareham
  • Kimberly Defiori
  • Lindsey Lawrence
  • Paige Best

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