Video: Watch Glamour MMA’s Grappling Tournament Matches

11377222_842758899146212_6300319310010523728_nGlamour MMA in Oregon is setting itself to be the next big all women’s fighting organization.

Last month, they made their debut in Portland with a grappling tournament that say some of the best MMA prospects around, including Invicta signee Roma Pawelek and Strikeforce vet Stephanie Webber.

Here are the video links to the matches:

150 pound Tournament


  • Leah Taylor vs. Stephanie Webber (video)


  • Leah Taylor vs. Ashleigh Force (video)
  • Roma Pawelek vs. Stephanie Webber (video)


  • Roma Pawelek vs. Serena DeJesus (video)
  • Leah Taylor vs. Katie Ericson (video)
  • Ashleigh Force vs. Patty Elliot (video)
  • Stephanie Webber vs. Anna Dempster (video)

130 title

  • Roma Pawelek vs. Tess Velo (video)

180 title

  • Stephanie Webber vs. Kola Willingham (video)


2 thoughts on “Video: Watch Glamour MMA’s Grappling Tournament Matches”

  1. initial promotion lessons – let the match sell the story as commentary aka grogan style enlightens new fans yet turn down volume to others regarding skills. As a feeder to Tuff n uff ir Invicta fc rules or styles will have to be myraid. A view most were bjj competitors that broght a no gi or naga feel to it. setting was cage with mats aka graplin or wrestling and competors wore black as well only leaving a head or face to spot in the graplin aspect. The wowen couragous in bringing 1-12 years of martial arts experience and dealing with competition that weighed 10 to 22+ lbs in difference. Great idea and platform for NW scene yet to get to Bamma or se is a step in right direction.

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