IMMAF 2015 Tournament Preview – The Bantamweights

Over the next week, we will be previewing the competitors in the IMMAF world amateur tournament. The second annual event will take place July 6th-11th. The opening rounds will take place at the Flamingo hotel and the finals will take place at the Sands Convention Center as a part of the UFC Expo July 11th.

To read our preview of the featherweights, go here.

We continue our preview of the IMMAF tournament with four fighters looking to make an impact in the world famous bantamweight division.

Lindsey LawrenceLindsey Lawrence

Country: USA

Record: 2-1

What you need to know: The South Dakota native is training with InvictaFC vet Stephanie Eggink and has trained with veteran Shayna Baszler. She has some amateur kickboxing titles to her credit.

Lisa EngelkeLisa Engelke

Country: Sweden

Record: 6-1

What you need to know: Engelke is making her second trip to the IMMAF. Her lone loss on her record came from the tournament, but she has recovered quickly with a few wins. She also runs a female Muay Thai team out of her gym.

Lucie BertaudLucie Bertaud 

Country: France

Record: Unknown

What you need to know: Having been a multi-time amateur boxing champion in France, she has just set her focus to MMA. She has also played for the Legends Football League Europe.

lucrezia_riaLucrezia Ria

Country: Italy

Record: 2-1

What you need to know: One of the prominent bantamweights in Italy, Ria won bronze last year at the IMMAF. A judoka since age 8, she took up kickboxing and then made the transition to MMA.

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