2015 Half Year Report – Pro WMMA Stats by the Numbers

Courtesy Cynthia Vance/InvictaFC
Courtesy Cynthia Vance/InvictaFC

Six months has passed so far this year and the female divisions have continued to soar in terms of statistics.

InvictaFC’s return, the UFC increasing the number of their female bouts, and more and more promotions looking to create female divisions of their own, we are looking at another possible record breaking year.

Here is the breakdown of the year so far:

303 – The Number of pro fights held up to June 30. We broke last year’s first half total (245) at the end of May. We are expecting to break the 600 mark by the end of the year, with hitting 700 a possibility.

208 – Number of finishes. This is over 2/3 of the fights that didn’t go to the cards. Submissions was the most popular way to win with 112 tapouts. This is a 6% increase from last year.

132 – Number of fights that ended in the first round. This almost triples the number of second round finishes this year (48). Compared to last year, it is a 68% increase in wins in the opening stanza.

106 – Number of fights in the US so far this year. It has had the most fights of any country, with Brazil running second at 73. California had the most in any state with 27.

98 – Number of flyweight fights the first half of the year. It was the most active weight class, beating strawweight by 26 fights. Bantamweight came is third with 61. In catchweight stats, 120 was the most popular with 12 fights.

67 – Number of fights in May, the most in a single month. It breaks May 2014 number by four fights. The biggest increase from last year was in the month of April, going from from 39 to 61.

47 – Amount of armbar wins so far. It continues to be the most popular submission to win a fight as it was last year. The gap between armbars and rear naked chokes increased from last year’s first half totals, from 2 to 13.

36 – Number of countries that held fights in the female divisions. This is an increase of last year’s half year total by 5. We are still behind 2014 year total by 5.

21 – number of UFC fights so far this year. This beats Invicta’s total by four fights. The UFC increases their total over three fold from this time last year.

12– Pure KO wins. In contrast, 96 fights ended in TKO and is the most popular way to win a fight.

3 – Title fights that went the full five rounds. All were outside the UFC and Invicta. The King of the Cage strawweight title match between Danielle Taylor and Glena Avila went to a split decision, while Respect Fighting Championships’ flyweight title went to Ania Fucz after a unanimous decision over  Renata Cseh-Lantos; and Karolina Kowalkiewicz defeated Kalindra Faria by split decision.

0 – Number of draws so far this year. Last year, we had 5 draws in the first six months.


2 thoughts on “2015 Half Year Report – Pro WMMA Stats by the Numbers”

  1. the women come along way baby…(commerical themed ring). the other # to crunch is new participants or names in the scene. Another is to crnch is headline or broadcast to wide audience. From regional or local clips to mainstream isnt the peak but the norm as no longer taboo. Congrats to those participants, coaches and gyms that believed and accepted n fans along the way.

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