IMMAF World Tournaments Announces Draws

11266672_665149733615456_9037316855934419327_nSunday night, the IMMAF announced the opening matches for its four female division tournaments.

Due to either not qualifying (missing weight, record inaccuracies) or simply not being able to make it, a few fighters have dropped out of the tournament.

The event starts Monday, but the women’s fights will most likely starting Tuesday.

Here are the current line-ups:

Strawweight Tournament (Preview here)


  • Amy Omara (UK) vs. Minna Grusander (FIN)
  • Maria Colonna (ITL) vs. Magdalena Zuchowska (POL)


  • Codie Wareham (USA) vs. Omara/Grusander winner
  • Sarah Archer (NZL) vs. Colonna/Zuchowska winner

Flyweight (Preview here)


  • Michaela Dostalova (CZE) vs. Micol Di Segni (ITL)
  • Anja Saxmark (SWE) vs. Natalie Ausmeier (ZAF)

Bantamweight (Preview here)


  • Lindsey Lawrence (USA) vs. Lucrezia Ria (ITL)
  • Lisa Engelke (SWE) vs. Lucie Bertaud (FRA)

Featherweight (Preview here)


  • Jamie Herrington (CAN) vs. Cornelia Holm (SWE)


  • Julia Dorny (GER) vs. Herring/Holm winner
  • Lindsey Lawrence (USA) vs. Sinead Kavanagh (IRE)

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