2015 IMMAF Women’s World Tournament Semi-finals Live Results

immaf 01We are live cage side (and cage side) at the IMMAF World Amateur Championships. 16 female fighters from over a dozen countries are competing to win medals and put their names on the world stage.

Four division’s semi-finals are going on today in two cages, with the winners competing Saturday at the UFC Expo to be crowned champions.

We will have live results below as they happen.

Strawweight Semi-finals

Minna Grusander (Finland) vs. Codie Wareham (USA)

Round 1

Wareham dirves into the clinch and gets the throw takedown. Grusander works for the armbar but Wareham fighting it. Grusander turns to her back and to the mat and gets the tap.

Result: Minna Grusander def. Codie Wareham by submission (armbar) 1:46 round 1

Maria Vittoria Colonna (Italy) vs. Sarah Archer (New Zealand)

Round 1

Archer pushing forward with a few hard single shots. Colonna counter striking. Archer charges in for the takedown, but it’s blocked. Archer landing some punches to the body. Colonna reverse position and gets a few knees to the body as the round ends.

10-9 Archer

Round 2

Colonna amps her attack with body kicks and leg kicks. Colonna using combinations well. Archer clinches and gets a single leg takedown. Colonna takes half guard as the round ends.

10-9 Archer

Round 3

Archer drives for the clinch but Colonna blocks it. Colonna continues her combinations. Archer clinches and gets the double leg takedown.  Colonna in gaurd as the round ends.

10-9 Colonna

Result: Maria Vittoria Colonna def. Sarah Archer by unaimous decision

Flyweight Semi-finals

Michaela Dostalova (Czech Republic) vs. Micol Di Segni (Italy)

Round 1

Takedown Dostlova. Segni works in guard. and fights her way back up. head and arm takedown by Dostalova. Dostalova gets some ground and pound, but Segni reverses before the bell.

10-9 Dostalova

Round 2

Segni catches a kick and gets the takedown. Segni works her way to side control. Keeps potion until the bell.

10-9 Segni

Round 3

Head and arm takedown by Dostalova but Signi reveres and takes top control. Dostalova tries for a triangle but Signi passes to side control. Maintains it for the rest of the round.

Result:  Micol Di Segni def. Michaela Dostalova by unanimous decision

Anja Saxmark (Sweden) vs. Natalie Ausmeier (South Africa)

Round 1

Takedown by Saxmark, Saxmark takes mount. Ausmeier  sweeps. Saxmark with an armbar attempt. Ausmeier fights it until the bell.

10-9 Saxmark

Round 2

Saxmark is aggressive early an the pummel from the middle of the cage to the fence. Ausmeier headlocks and they both fall to the mat. Saxmark takes mount Ground and pound by Saxmark as the round ends.

10-9 Saxmark

Round 3

Both exchange shots with Ausmeier getting a few clean hits. The pummel against the fence. Takedown by Saxmark and takes mount.

Result: Anja Saxmark def.. Natalie Ausmeier by unanimous decision

Bantamweight Semi-finals

Kimberly Defiori (USA) vs. Lucrezia Ria (Italy)

Round 1

Takedown by Ria but Defiori gets up. Takedown by Ria. Armbar attempt by Defiori as the round ends.

10-9 Ria

Round 2

Defiori more aggressive, but Ria gets the takedown. Defiori is in half guard. Defiori sweeps and stands up. Defiori will agressice short shots, but Ria clinches.

10-9 Defiori

Round 3

Ria gets the takedown and takes side control. Knees to the side of Defiori. Defiori regains guard. Ref stands them up. Takedown by Ria ends the fight.

10-9 Ria

Result: Lucrezia Ria def. Kimberly Defiori  by unanimous decision

Lisa Engelke (Sweden) vs. Lucie Bertaud (France)

Result: Lucie Bertaud def. Lisa Engelke by unanimous decision

Featherweight Semi-finals

Jamie Herrington (Canada) vs. Julia Dorny (Germany)

Round 1

Big takedown by Herrington. Dorny fights her way back to her feet. Unintentional eye poke and Herrington hgets somet time.Herrington gets the takedown and mount as the round ends.

10-9 Herrinton.

Round 2

Donry aggressive but Herrington gets the clinch and the takedown. Dorny in guard.

10-9 Herrington.

Round 3

Herrington with the takedown early. Ref stands them up. Herrington gets the takedown again.

Result: Jamie Herrington def. Julia Dorny by unanimous decision

Lindsey Lawrence (USA) vs.  Sinead Kavanagh (Ireland)

Round 1

Both exchange heavy shots early with Kavanagh landning and getting the KO.

Result: Sinead Kavanagh def. Lindsey Lawrence (USA) by KO 0:38 round 1


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