InvictaFC 13 Fallout – What’s Next, Who’s Next, What’s Up, Who’s Up

Courtesy Esther Lin/InvictaFC
Evinger Courtesy Esther Lin/InvictaFC

For one night, 13 was a lucky number in Vegas.

The 13th promotional card was the most successful InvictaFC so far in the company’s history with a nearly sold out crowd with a who’s who of MMA in the audience. (Personal notes – Why we have yet to see Ronda Rousey at one is beyond me. I missed CM Punk but did catch up with the champ Fabricio Werdum.) All the Invicta champs looked dominant in their wins. If you want the results go here.

Here are the notes we got from the post fight presser:

Fight of the Night – Jamie Moyle and Amy Montegro. Performance of the Night – Amber Leibrock and Cyborg. No word on how much.

InvictaFC 14 will take place September 12 in Kansas City. Main event will be Livia Souza defending her title for the first time against Alexa Grasso. Co-main will be a title eliminator between DeAnna Bennett and the former champ Katja Kankaanpää.

For those wondering about Karolina Kowalkiewicz, rumor is she is close to signing to the UFC. I will have champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk take posted this weekend,

Cyborg still tight lipped on when she is planning on dropping to 135. The idea of 140 catchweight seemed to be something she is interested in. In terms of the ban in the UFC against IV use set to take effect in October, Cyborg is against it, but will abide by it if she does join the UFC. She still has some drive in MMA at 145 even though she has cleared the division. She states that Muay Thai is still an option, but says three year and she is done with MMA. She wants to fight in September. (But hard to say against who.)

Tonya Evinger’s first title defense will be against former Cage Warriors champ Pannie Kianzad. I said “former” as Knapp pointed out that Kianzad is signed strictly to Invicta, basically stating she is no longer under the Cage Warriors banner. (We can only hope Raquel Pa;aluhi gets a title eliminator.) It has been a while since Knapp has talked to former title challenger Miriam Nakamoto, so no word on if she will be coming back anytime soon.

Flyweright champion Barb Honchak is slated to return in December and will defend the title against Vanessa Porto. Speculation was Porto wouldn’t get the shot due to not making weight in her last fight, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Next up for the new atomweight champion Ayaka Hamasaki is Amber Brown who won tonight handily. Hamasaki is still interested in holding both the Invicta and DEEP-JEWELS titles at the same time. Tonight she was the first to have held both at separate times. In a moment of levity, I had asked about Megumi Fujii shouting in Hamasaki’s corner, which could be heard across the arena. Hamasaki stated she could hear Fujii but she was doing the opposite, which gave a good laugh from the press.

It was a sight to see how much international press was at the event. The hope is Invicta does this more often with bigger UFC events such as this, Vegas as a location has been the best yet and think most of us hope we see a card here again.

2 thoughts on “InvictaFC 13 Fallout – What’s Next, Who’s Next, What’s Up, Who’s Up”

  1. congrats to the partipants this week as ambassadors for the sport and scenes future.
    Immaf – sat new champs mew futures in the cage though each one can go back to their countries and be main drawz.
    Invicta13 to 14 – Tonya not haterz just motivators as no lapse and lived to full potential. Irene should grit and will be lookin at this and parracho tapes to build for run to UFC or Invicta vs Sinn or Riordon future. Jaime well round and showed rising qualities. Amber followed previous fight or rehash of tuff round 1 match. 14 addition is rumored though on others is rachel o vs lee an exciting wonder woman match up. 155 has felcia and tweet only so would be good outlet for that class. holland awaits in the wings while emily corso would be a test. Shannon and Julie can enjoy the post 13 that brought ten or hundred fold in exposure yet Dana told others he would get 2 million subscribers for Rousey vs Cyborg… On to 14 in Ks

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