Interview – UFC Champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk Talks Recover; Polish Superfight

joanna jedrzejczykThe breakout star of 2015’s women’s divisions had a lot on her plate so far.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk had won and defended her belt already this year, among the multitude of press tours and media scrums. The champ injured her thumb in her last fight, however it might be a blessing in disguise as she is longing for a much needed break.

Jedrzejczyk was at the IMMAF World Championships this past week and Wombat Sports was able to get an interview to discuss her recovery and the ever growing UFC strawweight division.

Wombat Sports: Can you update us on your thumb? What’s your prognosis and how long do you think you will be out?

Joanna Jedrzejczyk: It is six days after the surgery and I met with a doctor in L.A. and he was super happy. They took the big cast out and put a soft one on. I still have stitches. Next week I can do some cardio. I can be back in training in six weeks.

W.S.: Is this the first time you got yourself injured in a fight and had to keep on going?

J.J.: Yes. It is my first real injury.

Wombat: Your division is one of the most talent stacked ones in the UFC. An important fight coming us is Jessica Aguilar and Claudia Gadhela. Planning on being there live to watch it?

Jedrzejczyk: I am thinking about it. It’s two weeks after the fight and I haven’t had but a few days off. I would like to take time off and take a vacation and spend some time with my boyfriend and family. I like keeping busy. After the fight there were media tours, then I had to travel to New York (for the Reebok reveal), and then L.A. (to see the doctors). Now I am in Vegas (for fight week). Then I go to San Diego and then Glasgow (for UFC Fight Nights).

I would like to see this fight but Poland is so far from Brazil, so I don’t know.

W.S.: There has been heavy rumors your fellow countrywoman and InvictaFC vet Karolina Kowalkiewicz maybe signing to the UFC soon. What do you think about her coming into the mix?

J.J.: Who is Karolina? (jokingly). Of course I know her. People in Poland they are dreaming about this fight. I don’t know if this is going to happen. I haven’t really thought about. I am focused on my training and my other opponents.She isn’t a part of the UFC yet so we will see.

W.S.: She is undefeated and is looking to be a top prospect for the UFC…

J.J.: But she is not good enough for me (to fight).

W.S.: No yet at least…

J.J.: No, never.

W.S.: The division has a lot of new blood for you to face versus what Ronda Rousey has seen in the bantamweight division with a lot of possible rematches. What are your overall thoughts of the talent in the UFC 115 division?

J.J.: I think the division is still pretty fresh but still growing up. The UFC has signed one of the best female fighters in the world (Jessica Aguilar) and it makes me so happy because it gives me so many more talented opponents in my division I just need to continue to do my thing; focusing and training hard. Paying attention and  keep on winning.

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