Canada’s Jamie Herrington Looking Pro After IMMAF Tournament Win

Courtesy IMMAF
Courtesy IMMAF

Women’s freestyle wrestling has become a great outlet for talent and Canada boast a great female grappling tradition.

Jamie Herrington was the latest to see success coming from the wrestling to MMA, having won the 2015 IMMAF amateur featherweight tournament this past weekend. She defeated a tough Irish fighter in Sinead Kavanagh in the finals. Herrington would get the TKO in round 3 to win the gold.

“The World championships is the experience of a lifetime,” Herrington told us. “Even though it’s new to the world, I take it as a great experience to fight people from all around the world. Learning the different background, learning the different fight styles. I had a lot of fun.”

herrington kavanaughHaving wrestled for 15 years and winning several championships in the sport, she made the move to MMA for practical reasons.

“I moved away from the city and MMA is the closest thing to me. Coming from wrestling and moving to MMA was a great opportunity and it was one I am happy I chose.”

During this camp, she got instruction from the legendary 5 Star Gym, home of UFC fighters George St. Pierre and Rory MacDonald. She has also trained with several gyms across the country to hone her skills.

Herrington had only started her MMA journey a year ago and has made an impact quickly. After the title win, she is now looking to go pro.

“I would like to go pro in the fall. I am currently 8-0. With a little more practice I can take my skills into the pro MMA world.”

One thought on “Canada’s Jamie Herrington Looking Pro After IMMAF Tournament Win”

  1. she might try pac nw scene in portland or social media w invicta julie. i m willin to bet that the parties involved got her on their radars. She also joins a growin list of olympic / collegiate graplers that fill the weight rosters. Congrats to all new champions as last years turned in rookie of the year performances.

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