Martial Arts Legend Kathy Long to Return to MMA in August

kathy longMulti-time kickboxing champion, actress, stuntwoman, and UFC 1 commentator Kathy Long will return to the cage after a six year absence when she takes on Apolonia Pina at AMK MMA in Tijuana, Mexico August 22.

Long has had a storied career as a martial artist. Having black belts in Aikido and Kung Fu, she would go 18-1 in her kickboxing career and was one of the more successful fighters to make the transition to movies decades before Gina Carano or Ronda Rousey. She has be inducted into multiple Martial Arts Halls of Fame.

Long was the first woman to call a UFC fights as she shared commentary duties at UFC 1. It would take nearly 15 years before she would give MMA a try, and defeated Avery Vilche in 2009.

Six years later, Long is looking to be the oldest woman to fight in MMA at 51. Current record holder is Suzy Wyatt, who is one year her junior.

Her opponent Apolonia Pina will be making her pro MMA debut after a solid amateur wrestling career.

No word on if this will be streamed.

3 thoughts on “Martial Arts Legend Kathy Long to Return to MMA in August”

  1. only thing to top that would be cynthia rothrock making it on card too. 😀 With Brinkley doing bikini pose must be showin that 50s / early 60s are new 30/40s yet all the empiwerment for them showin what life of fitness and care fior ones body can do. Keep reaching for the stars…

  2. German writer n actoress turned one time boxer clip is on u tube via gleasons page. Review showed heart and forward punches and arm triangle defence. Tringle d left open for haymakers and body shots 8 counts then towel ended it. She can hold her head high for luvin in the trs arena speech.
    The Michigan crew is comin nxt month with Invicta signed ABC and someday prospect Callie competing in August.

  3. I wish her the best of luck. One thing that all current articles have about her that isn’t completely accurate, is they all just say that she has a black belt in kung fu. She actually has spent 20+ years in kung fu san soo, and gained the rank of ‘master’ in the art. That is noooooo easy task. KF San Soo is pretty much kung fu whittled down to its core, no pretty forms, nothing other than combat combat combat. It’s essentially brutal chinese street fighting with a ranking system heh. THis article makes no mention of her world titles in muy thai and kickboxing. It also makes no mention of the fact that she’s been doing BJJ and Judo for over a decade. She is f’n deadly, and is a legend in the MA world.

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