IFMA Women’s World Muay Thai Championships Day 1 and 2 Results


Some of the world’s best Muay Thai specialists are in the home country of the sport to see who will stand atop the mountain.

The IFMA tournament will take place over the next two weeks with fighters from over a could dozen countries traveling to Thailand. Some big names in women’s Muay Thai including Valentina Shevchenko and Anke Van Getsel.

The first 2 days of the tournament has seen some great action, with some of the bouts being streamed live at

Below are the results so far. We will continue to get results posted as they become available. Tournament ends August 23rd.

Day 1 Results

48 kg/106 lbs

  • Tessa Kakkonen (Finland) def. Jill Campart (Switzerland) by TKO Round 1
  • Renata Shvets (Ukraine) def. Galina Popova (Russia) by decision
  • Nongnaen (Hanphan Rattanaphon) (Thailand) def. Anastasiya Kalashnikava (Belarus) by TKO round 2

54kg/119 lbs

  • Sveva Melillo (Italy) def. Mengjing Wang (China) by decision
  • Sofia Olofsson (Sweden) def. Alena Mishchuk (Belarus) by TKO round 1
  • Natalia Diachkova (Russia) def. Akar Dilek (Turkey) by decision
  • Namtarn (Likittrakul Sopapan) (Thailand) def. Sarah Rankin (Australia) by decision

57kg/126 lbs

  • Yolanda Schmidt (Australia) def. Chommanee (Teahiran Yadrung) (Thialand) by points

60kg/132 lbs.

  • Mariya Valent (Belarus) def. Hong Nga Truong Thi (Vietnam) by TKO round 2
  • Ekaterina Vinnikova (Russia) def. Jinin Li (China)  by decision
  • Jennifer Guerrero (USA) def. Jade Taylor (England) by decision
  • Sandra Bengtsson (Sweden) def. Nina Scheucher (Austria) by decision
  • Anke Van Gestel (Belgium) def. Kaya Sumran (Turkey) by decision
  • Sandra Brew (Australia) def. NongKiff (Tabtrai Kesinee) (Thailand) by decision
  • Nili Block (Israel) def. Jacqueline De Beer (South Africa) by TKO round 3
  • Valentina Shevchenko (Peru) def. Kaoutar Houkman (Morocco) by decision

75kg/165 lbs

  • Laressa Van Emden (Finland) def.  Haddoubi Soukaina (Morocco) by decision

67kg/148 lbs

  • Kayleigh Mcgregor (England) def. Duannapha Mor Rattana Bundit (Panumat Thanthawa) (Thailand) by points

Day 2 Results

51kg/113 lbs

  • Kristan Armstrong (Australia) def. Phetsangkhat Mirka (Finland) by decision
  • Janet Coakley Todd (USA)  def. Barbara Bontempi (Italy) by decision
  • Ranes Arlyn (Philippines) def. Naryanaswamy Tejashwini (India) by TKO round 1
  • Myriame Djedidi (France) def. Nina Schumacher (Germany) by decision
  • Sanne Strabbing (Netherlands) def. Rinda Apti Masriani (Indonesia) round 2
  •  Therese Gunnarsson (Sweden) def. Ashleigh Ahipene (New Zealand) by decision

57kg/126 lbs

  • Alesia Klimavets (Belarus) def. Christin Fiedler (Austria) by decision
  • Yolanda Schmidt (Australia) def. Teah Iran Yadrung (Thailand) by decision
  • Iana Dunaeva (Russia) def. Luna Tobin Berger (Peru) by decision
  • Katia Semail (France) def. Anastasiia Sharmonova (Ukraine)  by decision

63.5/140 lbs

  • Riikka  Jarvenpaa (Finland) def. Aliaksandra Sitnikava (Belarus) by decision
  •  Svetlana Vinnikova (Russia) def. Erica Bjornestrand (Sweden)  by decision

Day 3 Schedule

60kg/132 lbs. Quarterfinals

  • Mariya Valent (Belarus) vs. Ekaterina Vinnikova (Russia)
  • Jennifer Guerrero (USA) vs. Sandra Bengtsson (Sweden)
  • Anke Van Gestel (Belgium) vs. Sandra Brew (Australia)
  • Nili Block (Israel) vs. Valentina Shevchenko (Peru)

71kg/156.5 lbs

  • Steph Glew (Australia) vs. Helena Jurisic (Croatia)
  • Tas Ayse (Turkey) vs. Elina Nilsson (Sweden)
  • Anna Tarasova (Russia) vs. Pia Raita (Finland)
  • Diana Rogozina (Estonia) vs. Tana Te Huia Aroha Lee (New Zealand)

2 thoughts on “IFMA Women’s World Muay Thai Championships Day 1 and 2 Results”

  1. Day 3? of note one might want to explore other sports and martial arts on the website. EU has a talent pool w the jujitsu tournaments as nored by the 2013 world champs. Interesting was the coed duos katas…

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