The Circle Looks to Bring Striking to its Roots

11224858_943455955725114_1106224575181586106_nInternational Fighting Evolution has announced a tournament that will focus on striking and the art of stand-up fighting.

“The Circle” is a team tournament in which fighters from 16 different countries compete in what is a combination of kickboxing and shootboxing. The participants compete in a circular 23 foot ring with three 3 minute rounds. The gloves are lighter than boxing gloves: 6 ounce gloves for lighter divisions and 8 oz for the heavier ones.

Each team will consist for three male and one female fighter. The females will be fighting at 121 pounds/55 kg. In a unique twist, fighters can’t gain more than 3 kg (6.6 lbs) between weigh-ins and the fight.

The first event is slated for Barcelona, Spain September 12th. It will see Team Spain versus Team Australia and Team Thailand versus Team Italy. The matches themselves see:

  • Chomanee Sor Taehiran (Thailand) vs. Donatella Panu (Italy)
  • Eva Naranjo (Spain) VS Sam ‘Nanu’ Brown (Australia)

Among other announced participants:

  • Samanta Allevato (Argentina)
  • Iman Ghbalou Chairi (Morroco)
  • Christi Brereton (Great Britain)
  • Sofia Olofsson (Sweden)
  • Valeria Drozdova (Russia)
  • Samantha Van Doorn (Holland)

Countries who haven’t announced their female participants: Brazil, China, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Turkey, and the USA.

The September 12th event will be broadcast on Fox Sports Europe and Africa, but no streaming or broadcast details as of yet for North and South America.

More info can be found here.

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