September 2015 Rankings – Latourneau and Nunes Enters Top 10

Nunes Courtesy Bloody Elbows
Nunes Courtesy Bloody Elbows

Two big moves have shifted the rankings at bantamweight and strawweight.

With her win over Sara McMann, Amanda Nunes takes the #5 spot with shifted 6-10 down a spot. Although Alexis Davis has announced she is pregnant, the Unified committee has decided to keep her on the list until she is out for a year.

With her win over Maryna Moroz, Valerie Latourneau takes the #7 spot at strawweight. InvictaFC champ  Livia Renata Souza takes the #6 spot, while Moroz moves from 6 to 8. Alexa Grasso (9) and Joanne Calderwood (10) round out the list.

Elaine Albuquerque had dropped off the flyweight list, thus moving 7-10 from August up a spot. Poliana Botelho enters the list at #10.

With her loss to Marloes Conen, Arlene Blencowe drops to #6 on the featherweight list.

Atomweight stays pat for September.

You can ready the complete September 2015 rankings here.


One thought on “September 2015 Rankings – Latourneau and Nunes Enters Top 10”

  1. Charts starting to reflect wins in regionals and major promotions w inactivity clauses.
    20 years up n now back major fb disparity in likes between invicta fc n now aaahhhmm LFC (a x between pro – semi pro leagues wrestlers w rookie models in 110-155 open category mma – catch style of mma match).
    A reminder on promoters came to light on a workout or soccer mom dreams of pro mma dreams fleeting in 10 seconds when facing an experienced karate – boxing mma ammy fighter.
    Mystic Mel good predictions have to see if mysticism can play vs the ball predictions. Having found iut that Lee, AbC, jacobson n anither been sharing pre invicta fight camp will rub off in different angles of attack or personas in the cage.

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