100% Fight Announces First All Female Event in France

12088190_459458190892416_4658477770239910784_n100% Fight wants to bring the MMA women’s divisions to France.

The promotion announced their first ever all female card in Paris November 28th. A total of 15 fights will feature talent from across Europe and Africa.

The bouts will be contested under modified rules and a ring, as standard MMA is still banned in the country.

The main event will crown the promotion’s first bantamweight champion. The four participants in the one night tournament include promotional vet Stéphanie Page (France; 1-1), IMMAF World tournament runner up Sinead Kavanagh (Ireland; 1-0), Stef Schmidt (Germany; 1-0) and Esther Cardenas (Spain; 0-2). French fighters Lysane Delourme and Ketline Stock will make their MMA debuts in the alternate bout.

Here is the complete card. No word on if this will be stream.


Bantamweight (135 lbs/61 kg) Tournament

(Draw to be determined; finals will main event)

  • Stéphanie Page (France)
  • Sinead Kavanagh (Ireland)
  • Stef Schmidt (Germany)
  • Esther Cardenas (Spain)

Bantamweight Tournament Alternate Bout

  • Lysane Delourme (France) vs. Ketline Stock (France)

Non-tournament Bantamweight Bouts

  • Clara Ricignuolo (France; debut) vs. Maria Casanova (France; 0-1)
  • Sandra Ameziane (France; 1-1) vs. Sandrine-Bouhet (France; 1-0)

Flyweight Bouts (125 lbs/57 kg)

  • Elodie Giorla (France; debut) vs. Clémence Folléa (France; debut)
  • Jessy Berchel (France; 0-1) vs. Angelina Roustang (France; debut)
  • Mona Samir (Egypt; 0-1) vs. Clemence-Schreiber (France; 1-4)
  • Macicilia Benkhettache (France; 1-1) vs. Yamila-Sanchez (Spain; 0-1)
  • Aya Saber (Egypt; 3-6) vs. Maguy-Berchel (France; 2-0)

Strawweight Bouts (115 lbs/52 kg)

  • Ophélie  Vandoolaeghe (France; debut) vs. Samie-jo Marland (France; 0-1)
  • Judith Levi (France; debut) vs. Amelie Lebrun (France; 0-4-1)

Atomweight Bout (106 lbs,/48 kg)

  • Irene Cabello (Spain; 5-2) vs. Samantha-JeanFrancois (France; 1-1)
  • Morgane Delagnau (France; 0-3) vs. Laila Sekaf (France; 0-1-1)




One thought on “100% Fight Announces First All Female Event in France”

  1. Lovely to see this, hopefully as more women start fighting it will become possible to have more full-female cards. And quality too – you could have done this a few years ago but not all the fights would have been great (nothing worse than a hall full of men presented with dodgy female fights to prove their prejudices!! happening less and less)

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