Video: Watch Sierra Suits vs. Kayla Green from ICF 22

Courtesy Ryan Hall
Courtesy Ryan Hall

Denver has been a hotbed for the female divisions for a while, and another gym in the area is looking to make its mark.

Seraphim MMA’s Sierra Suits was one of a pair of fighters on the ICF 22 card, and has already made her mark in the Montana MMA scene with her win over Brittany Viets last year.

She picks up her second win as an amateur and this young gun is one to look out for as her career progresses.


One thought on “Video: Watch Sierra Suits vs. Kayla Green from ICF 22”

  1. 1st nice selfie marq…😎 a classic boxer/ karate vs cargin wrestler grappler start. Women should grit and stamina could have gone either way yet side control n flip caused a winning submission. who watch the clip.

    UFC – pick rousey as she will likely have disected holm nm loss to french boxer and use strike force tweet match up in size differential. 😢 Miesha cupcake your not tall and boxer enough for Cyborg warm up.

    Joanna too quick in hands and goes for chin n sternum when boxin so val needs movement and distance in her favor. Dont blick as both could be over in first rounds…

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